2017: A Record Year

Well, let me introduce you to the year--2017. I am not sure if you follow the British Royal Family but Queen Elizabeth dubbed 1992 her annus horribilis following a fire and the ending of several of her children’s marriages. 2017 has without a doubt been my annus horribilis, and I still have four months left!


The Hopeless Romantic

Obviously, my opinions on this subject should be taken with a grain of salt considering I have been single as a pringle for all twenty years of my life. But, for the time being, I will continue to be an old-school, hopeless romantic in a hookup generation waiting for prince charming to come sweep me off my feet.

Just Two City Ladies

Hi. Hello. I’ve missed you. I know I said I would be more consistent this time around with blogging. I know I am falling short on that promise and I apologize. I am more than halfway done my Baltimore summer and I am having mixed emotions about it. The students that I am working with... Continue Reading →

Things I’m Obsessed With: Come From Away

My latest obsession is the new broadway musical, “Come From Away.” Irene Sankoff and David Hein, the writers of the show, say it best that ‘Come from Away’ is not a story about Sept. 11, 2001. It's a story about the kindness and humanity that came out of Sept. 12, 2001.

A Favorite Thing…

At the crest of the E Baltimore Street hill where it intersects with Chester Street, you will find one of my favorite things in the city of Baltimore. It is not a store or a restaurant or the architecture. (Although the architecture is quite nice.) It is the VIEW! As you drive down E Baltimore... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Journey

I usually stick to Alex and Ani bracelets, as I have a decent number in both silver and gold. But that day, I found a Lia Sofia cuff with the engraved message “enjoy the journey.” The inside of the bracelet reads “share the love.”

Power of Pep Talks

Sometimes even people who look like they have it all-- confidence, charisma, loyal friends-- don’t always have all the confidence.

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