Power of Pep Talks

Sometimes even people who look like they have it all– confidence, charisma, loyal friends– don’t always have all the confidence.

This summer I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work at a nonprofit in Baltimore, Md., through a partnership with The Shriver Center at UMBC. I am thrilled at this opportunity to challenge myself and use my skills in a real-world setting as this is a possible career option post graduation.

However, when I received an email recently from my supervisor I went into a sudden state of uncertainty. I did not feel that I was capable of fulfilling the tasks that would be expected of me this summer. In a state of panic, I started getting emotional and doubting if this program was the right choice for me.

In order to snap myself out of this self-doubting fog, I texted two of my five people, “SOS I need positive reinforcement about my summer internship.”

My friend Deanna, was on it right away with an eight point list on why this decision was the right one. My personal favorite was point three, “You will visit cute farmers markets on the weekends because you are an adult.” Deanna always finds humorous ways to cheer me up.

The pep talk from my boss was a bit more serious. After my initial message to her, she answered with, “Dude! Are you serious?!” I knew just from that message that I was in for a stiff kick in the butt. As I explained my doubts she kept repeating, “Lauren are you serious right now?!” She reminded me of the responsibilities she has given me and the accomplishments I have made since I began working for her. “You are so much more capable than you realize,” she said.

I soon went from crying over my capabilities as an intern to crying over how lucky I am to have such supportive friends in my life. The power of a pep talk, virtual or in person, is a beautiful thing.

You are more than enough. Don’t forget that.




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