Enjoy the Journey

The other day, I was getting ready to head downtown for training at the UA House when I looked through a few old bracelets to accessorize my favorite white and navy striped Old Navy dress. I usually stick to Alex and Ani bracelets, as I have a decent number in both silver and gold. But that day, I found a Lia Sofia cuff with the engraved message “enjoy the journey.” The inside of the bracelet reads “share the love.”

Enjoy the journey, share the love.

Of course, I snapped the bracelet around my wrist and couldn’t take my eyes off of it for the rest of the day. It is a simple reminder. I rarely ever forget  how lucky I am to be in the situation I am in, and sometimes I need to remind myself to stop and look around for a minute. I’m also not just talking about my internship, but everything- my friends, my family, my job at school, SGA, Mission: I’m Home…

Mission: I’m Home. That leads me to the reason why this bracelet may be making a comeback. I love how this bracelet sits right next to my Mission: I’m Home Pura Vida bracelet. (Mission: I’m Home is the alternative break program of Stevenson University. I will probably feature it in an upcoming blog.)

Anyway, in some weird twist of fate, the universe aligned for me this year and I give some credit to Mission I’m Home for placing me on the path that I am on. So, when I look down at my left wrist I am reminded of the people, the places, and the love that have sent me on this journey.

Enjoy the journey, share the love. You are enough.




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