Just Two City Ladies

Hi. Hello. I’ve missed you. I know I said I would be more consistent this time around with blogging. I know I am falling short on that promise and I apologize.

I am more than halfway done my Baltimore summer and I am having mixed emotions about it. The students that I am working with are definitely changing my life–probably more than I am changing theirs. With each passing day, I slowly find myself thinking more of our ‘goodbyes’ than our daily ‘good mornings.’ Leaving this internship may be a lot harder than I thought.

Anyway, with my Baltimore summer comes immersing myself in some Baltimore culture. I split my weekends between Maryland and New Jersey, so while I am here I try to take advantage of the opportunities around me.

At the end of last month, my school mentor and I decided to meet up in the city for dinner after work. We decided to hit up one of the free summer concerts on Pagoda Hill in Patterson Park. My mentor used to live in Federal Hill, so she knows all about the ‘city life’ and was excited to go “back to her roots.”

We grabbed takeout from Atwater’s in Canton– both of us choosing our go to chicken salad options. A sandwich for me and a salad for her. Then we made our way to the park for a night of music and girl talk. (Side note: Atwater’s is my new favorite place.)  

It was a cool June night–cool enough for me to wear a windbreaker. But perfect nonetheless. We sat on a quilt at the crest of the hill taking in the scenes around us. In all honesty, we didn’t do much listening to the music. We are talkers and when we haven’t seen each other in over a month–you can’t shut us up.

In the end, it was nice to pretend to be two “city ladies” on a summer night in Baltimore. As we walked to the car, the setting sun colored the sky with pink cotton candy clouds. In the echo of the wind, we could here the announcers at Camden Yards and the thousands of Orioles fans in the stadium.

Baltimore does not get enough credit. Yes, there is crime and social issues that run deep in this city. But my mentor and I agreed in that moment–this was the Baltimore we loved. We love the culture, and architecture, and sports, and summer nights. So, I will defend this city till I die because I wouldn’t trade what it has given me for the world.


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