Things This Semester Taught Me

As I have alluded to in previous posts, this past semester was one with its fair share of obstacles to overcome. But in those struggles came plenty of life lessons and personal growth that whoever reading could find useful. The first thing this semester taught me was the importance of the sum of the five... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday, JFK!

For me, today is a big deal. Yes, it is Memorial Day where my family and I pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives serving our country. But today also marks what would have been President John F. Kennedy’s 100th Birthday. In my younger years, I was quite the presidential historian.... Continue Reading →

Sum of the Five

A few weeks into the semester, my boss repeated to me what she heard in a podcast, the mantra of businessman Jim Rohn: “You’re the average of the five people you spend most time with.” This phrase, this short idea, soon became my personal slogan and the source of a lot of self-reflection.

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